Neighbourhood Plans: a five-year healthcheck

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It’s now been more than five years since the introduction of Neighbourhood Development Plans in April 2012. Our team have spent some time considering what we have learnt through the process of preparing Neighbourhood Plans…

What makes your place unique…?

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Last Sunday saw us out and about in Colerne – a lovely parish in Wiltshire where we are helping the community with the preparation of their Neighbourhood Plan…

Place Plans – a local level plan for Welsh communities

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The Autumn finds us as busy as ever! Yesterday was a full one for us as we travelled over to Wales and then on up to Herefordshire for a day of really interesting meetings with various groups of people all working on planning at the really local level.  Our work on Neighbourhood Plans in England has […]

Linking people and wildlife with a Neighbourhood Plan

Linking people and wildlife with a Neighbourhood Plan

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Over the past year, Place Studio has been supporting the town of Dursley, in Stroud, to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan. Dursley is a small town surrounded on two sides by the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Cotswold way runs through the heart of the town and it is a hub for walking and cycling. […]

Keynsham High Street

Keynsham High Street

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The first step of a major re-fashioning of Keynsham High Street in Bath & North East Somerset got underway this May with a one year trial of one-way traffic flow. Following on from our successful work for the Council to engage the community of Widcombe Parade in Bath and work as part of the design team […]

Spring NEWS

Spring NEWS

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Over the last few months we have been SUPER busy and are pleased to be able to share the news that we have a new person joining our team. More on that soon… First of all and very excitingly, our very own Jeff has been made a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences. This […]

Pre-application community involvement…meeting the standards

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MEETING THE STANDARDS There are many lists around of consultation (involvement or engagement) standards. Two are particularly important. First, those listed in the “10 Commitments for Effective Pre-Application Engagement” produced by the LGA (very importantly, with the support of the HBF and BPF). Secondly, those used by the courts. However, courts never make public their […]

So near but yet so far…pre-application community involvement (part 2)

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Community engagement works! Done well it can add “significant creative contributions to the design process” but it is often cursory, too late and simply not open to learning anything or changing anything. It does not have to be like that and in this second of two case studies (see our previous journal post for the […]

So near but yet so far…pre-application community involvement (part 1)

So near but yet so far…pre-application community involvement (part 1)

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As part of our commitment to collaborative working and community engagement, we are continuing not just to promote more and better pre-application community involvement but also to demonstrate how it can and, we believe, should be done. This month Jeff has an article published in the Town and Country Planning Journal that draws on some […]

Chew Valley Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

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“…thank you very much indeed for all your help which we couldn’t have managed without” Chew Valley Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Chew Valley Neighbourhood Development Plan becomes the most recent of the Plans which we have been involved in supporting to proceed to referendum which will take place today (February 16th). The seven Chew Valley […]